Paris and 1 Peter

Another terrorist attack fills our TV screens, this time from Paris, with 17 dead. Journalists from France report the largest outpouring of solidarity demonstrations since the Second World War. As I prepare to transition to Switzerland and serve at a school that trains predominantly French people for ministry in France, I was touched more by the attack, as well as some of the underlying … [Read More...]

Thoughts on “Raising Support”

“I’d rather preach for an hour in front of a hundred people than sit down with my friend and tell him something he doesn’t want to hear.”   My friend listened and smiled. “Of course! Staying in your strength is always easier. But trusting God often means taking steps in areas where you feel uncomfortable.” He was right. It’s easy to huddle near the places where we feel adequate and weasel out of facing things that expose weakness. As I transition to the mission field, I get to face a new … [Read More...]